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Beyond Zero Marathon Preparedness:Tracking system available to avoid cheatingng


beyond zeroBeyond Zero Marathon Organizing secretary, has said that there will be a tracking device to help track participants in this year’s Marathon Campaign that is scheduled to take place on 6th March,at the Nyayo Stadium.
Speaking at the press brief in Nairobi,Mike said that the tracking device will be able to give immediate results to avoid cheating situations.
“With our new time system,we will be able to track everyone and give results immediately” he said”.
This follows drama and confusion that was caused by Julius Njogu who was nabbed for cheating during the Standard Chartered Marathon that was held on 25th October last year.
Njogu, 28,turned out to be a fake hero when he crossed the line for what would have been a richly rewarding second finish in the men’s marathon.
Njogu appeared to have come off a jog, hardly breaking sweat. He looked the part, singlet and running short complete with an official bib number 388 pinned across his torso but his running shoes looked a bit off, not to mention an extended body frame that did not fit the profile of a marathoner.
Njogu did not even head to the medical tent as all top finishers around him did for attention on burning muscles, cramps or other adverse effects. The official photographer who had joined the press area after being dropped close to the Nyayo National Stadium finish could not even recall anyone like him.
Soon, all the media attention turned to his infamy questioning his kit, participation and why he looked like someone strolling out of a mall or about to start, not finish a marathon.
Security and officials soon set upon him like a rash, questioning him of his training methods and alleged camp in Naivasha.
Video footage and photographs from the course were reviewed as course judges submitted data from their various split check points that showed no proof of his participation. He had stretched his legs for less than a kilometre, joining the leading trio in full view of the stadium.
His goose was cooked. Njogu, the fake hero was led to the nearby Nyayo Stadium Police Post for further questioning by security and race officials with the drama delaying announcement of official results.
Mike however said there will also be two finishing tents within the stadium to avoid confusions.
The Campaign targets to bring together over 70,000 participants, more than double last year’s runners the campaign.
According to the organizing secretary, last week 25000 participants had been registered manually and by Wednesday the team
The 3rd edition of the campaign has managed to collect Ksh.165m from sponsors in cash.
Among the key sponsors include KCB bank, Britam, KWFT, Co-op bank, Seven Seas, Kenya Re, I&M bank, Vivo energy, Parapet, Real forge Savannah Cement among others.
The campaign has also received strong support from the media.
Besides the 21km stretch, this year’s edition of the Half Marathon incorporates special features including a wheelchair race and 2km, 5km, and 10 km races.