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Bhang Legalisation in Tanzania???


bhangDid you know that research conducted in June 2006,stated that Tanzania had been ranked world third biggest user of cannabis sativa?”Plantation of cannabis has been a lucrative trade in northern Tanzania , where the plant is described as ” green gold ” and its exportation is reportedly ranked third after the mining of gem stone tanzanite and tourism,” further reports

The topic about Canabis sativa,popular as bhang legalization has always created a stir amongst proposers and opposers both sides giving the pros and cons of using it respectively.

Now,two days ago Geita Rural MP, Mr Joseph Kasheku alias ‘Msukuma’ (CCM) challenged the state’s government to conduct enough research on the drug much campaigning for its legalization.

“I want the government to explain why it has made marijuana and khat illegal and yet allow the use of hard liquor packed in small sachets (commonly referred to as viroba) which has similar effects particularly to the youth.

“Our neighbours in Kenya reap a lot of foreign exchange by exporting khat as a cash crop while we earn nothing by banning it,” he added.

The MP  further claimed that the use of marijuana boosts performance of farmers in the Lake Zone and made a case for it to be legalised.

“I know of farmers in my area who can till up to two acres per day after using the drug; I as well understand that there are legislators who use marijuana but with clear and sharp state of mind,” debated the MP.

His sentiments were echoed by the country’s top musician Afande Wele during a media interview today;

“Legalize it, Don’t criticize it. Korea, Kaskazini, Marekani, Mexico Uruguay na mataifa mengine ya Ulaya yamethibitisha pombe ina madhara kuliko Cannabis Sativa.”

Am sire someone is asking why this is not happening in Kenya!!!! Tell us what you think and feel in regards to this.