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  • The businessman Jaswant Singh Rai abduction was filmed on CCTV camera.
  • The release was confirmed by his lawyer Kioko Kilukumi
  • Rai manages a vast wealth spread across the East Africa region

Billionaire Jaswant Singh Rai, who was allegedly abducted in broad daylight has been released.

His release has been confirmed by his lawyer Kioko Kilukumi

The sugar mogul’s release came just hours after President William Ruto put him in the spotlight during interdenominational thanksgiving and prayer service at Uwanja Ndege Grounds in Bungoma County.

In his speeach,the head of state sharply warned that he would not allow a few people to misuse Kenyans in an economic fashion, adding that he would not hesitate to take action against them.

“Msikuwe na wasiwasi niko hapo chonjo kabisa. Nitahakikisha hii kitu inakaa chonjo. Na wakora wote wako katikati. Msikuwe na wasiwasi ati kuna mtu atakuja kutuongelesha kingereza. Sijui mhindi fulani. Sijui nani ni nani. Sijui mwingine ananiambia Rai. Rai Nani? Hapana hiyo haiwezekani.”

The Rai Family’s Vas Wealth

Jaswant Singh Rai, Chairman of the Rai Group and Sarbi Singh Rai, who runs the Sarrai Group, which is spread across the East African countries.

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In Kenya, Jaswant Singh’s Rai manages West Kenya Sugar/Kabras Millers in Malava, Kakamega, Sukari Industries of Ndhiwa in Homabay, Olepito Sugar at Tangakona in Busia and Naitiri Sugar in Bungoma county.

Recently, he was in the spotlight for battling for control of Mumias Sugar with his brother Sarbi Singh Rai.

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