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Billnass Fights Off Nandy’s Break Up

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Popular tanzanian rapper Nicholas Lyimo commonly known as Billnass is fighting off break up allegations from songstress Nandy.

The ‘Tatizo’ rapper took to Instagram where he shared his frustrations, maintaining that the stories are malicious and unfounded adding that he has never talked publicly on his relationship which is being publicised on several media platforms as dead.

“Nimesikitishwa na kituo kikubwa Cha Habari kama @globalpublishers na vingine vingi kunukuu Habari za Udaku na Uongo tena za kutunga kwa interview ambayo sijafanya na Hakuna sehem popote nilipowahi kuzumgumzia situation yangu ya mahusiano,” read part of his statement.

In an effort to to clear the air on his rumoured break up, he continued to refute being single in his life and disclosed that he was tired and sick of seeing the same stories now and again.

“Siko single na sijawahi kusema mahali kama nipo single na pia sijawahi kuelezea lolote kuhusu mahusiano yangu kama niko au nimeachana na mtu na kwa sababu zipi nimeachana na mtu.. NIMECHOKA NA HII SIO MARA YA KWANZA,” was a continuation of his statement.

However, he steered off mentioning Nandy’s name raising eyebrows. (Engagement) Billnass and Nandy’s love story was likened to boney and clyde for the pair was inseparable, they went ahead and collaborated on two major smash hits Bugana and Do Me which boast over 3 million views.


It culminated with Billnass engaging Nandy during one of their shows in Daressalam.

Alleged Break Up

After they stopped posing together word went out that they were not in good terms. It was further escalated when Billnass dropped his song “Tatizo” which is themed on separation, “naskia stori kibao, una mabwana kibao na wenye hela kibao,” goes a line in the song.

One user reminded Billnass that it’s what he sings that is truly haunting him “??Msanii wa keep it Hip hop labda wamechukua kwenye verse zako maana unalalamikaga huko.”

Written By Steve Osaka.


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