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  • Billnass and Jux glitter in ‘Maboss’.
  • The songs storyline delves on achieving success against all odds.
  • Billnass is currently on top of the world as Bongo’s most streamed Hip hop artist on Boomplay.

Billnass and Jux have finally released their highly anticipated collabo dubbed ‘Maboss’. Like the title suggests, the song delves on the tumultuous road to wealth acquisition which the pair have attained to the level of being regarded as bosses.

The song kicks off with a few lines drawn from the chorus before Billnass comes through in the first verse and not after the instrumentation.

In his signature free-flow rap, Billnass affirms that he’s fighting negative forces out to spoil his journey to riches.

He infuses a great display of lyricism through repetition wordplay and punchlines.

His rhyme scheme is also out of this world.

“Wanasema roho mbaya, roho mbaya kweli ninayo nafanya makusidi kushinda hizo chuki zao tena wanafiki bado nakula nao na hainipi shida riziki hawatoi wao, Ex wangu anatamani niachike, nifubae niishe nidhalilike, adui zangu wanatamani wanizike,niwe choka mbaya na mwisho nifilisike” he raps.

As the chorus comes in, the duos spirituality is brought out with the affirmation that God has been their anchor.

The chorus further oozes life with the double back-up punch from the two artists.

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There’s also the light gaps filled with sweet keys before Billnass drops a few lines at the start of the second verse.

When Jux comes through, he has easy work as he repeats a few lines earlier sang by Billnass.

Billnass and his celebrity wife Nandy PHOTO/INSTAGRAM


Pricy Visualizer

The video was shot partly in an upmarket residence which offers its introduction with the long palm trees pleasing to the sight.

The set which is the parking bay also got the super sprucing with high-end whips parked in the background.

Smelling money are also the gang of dancers who routinely do their thing donning suits not far from the cars.

Leading them are Billnass and Jux who are seated on chairs wearing suits. Billnass stands out in a maroon one with Jux having a white one.

Billnass even chose to embellish with a tie while Jux had no garment beneath his blazer.

They both protected their eyes from the sunshine with sunglasses.

The second set-up which was also the final in revealing their pricy budget was the unfinished building with the dramatizers costumes being industrial aprons.

It is also evident that the pair spent a good chunk of their time mastering the moves.

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Billnass is currently on top of the world as Bongo’s most streamed Hip hop artiste on Boomplay.


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