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Binyavanga In A Suicidal Rant After He Is Denied Tickets To Be With Bae


binyavangaBinyavanga Wainana is not new to Kenya’s entertainment scene as his controversial take to life and his balls of steel to take on whatever comes his way bordering admiration and chills. Judging from his social activity however, his fans and friends are a worried lot as his emotional stability seems to be hanging by the balance to a point he sounds suicidal.

According to his posts, he has been trying unsuccesfully to get to spend time with the love of his life and now his appeal is to be allowed to use his medical fund to fly to south Africa for a vacation with his lover who is to resume work in two months time. The openly gay author in his posts said he doesnt wish to come to Kenya where he cant hold hands with his man openly or show affection as Kenya is an anti-homosexual zone.

His attempts to get money from DAAD who are sponsoring his stay in Berlin have hit a snag and in frustration he went to share excerpts from the same email communication between him and his sponsors.

Reply from Daad:

We got your email asking for two tickets to South Africa and I am sorry but we cannot buy them; we really do not can.

Please Binyavanga try to understand that, as I wrote you before, we are supported by tax money what means that we are tied to a very strict regulation and to a constant inspection.

We always make an effort in order to help you so that your stay in Berlin can be pleasant and productive.

As much as we can, we are here to support and to help you but we cannot ignore the rules, and those regarding the travel expenses and health insurance are without a doubt very clear.

All the best,


The Kenya Navy too where his bae serves forbid it’s staff to travel to the UK and Kwani? are not buying into his idea of dipping into his medical fund.

Here are some of the disturbing posts he made

“If u feel the medical fund is just for a life and death situation then Better I die”

“I can’t stop crying”.

“If u want to be enemies with me fuck up my relationships with whom i love. i am getting drunk now. Bye to social media.”

 “Now it doesn’t matter anymore: I might as well be dead. I have resignedfrom your board for good. Please keep the money. Me and my partner will find our way. If I die, enjoy your decision”

What is interesting however was the amount of love and support he has kept receiving from his fans even to an extent of wanting to chip in to grant this lovebirds their wish of being together. Some of the comments read:


“ So how much do you actually need when do you need it by?”

“If there’s a practical way we can help, please tell us.”

Let it not be forgotten that Binyavanga is still struggling with his health and that his stay at Berlin is actually a matter of health necessity. Are we a people who want to celebrate people in their graves?