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Birthday by MajiMaji


birthHe is widely known for his mammoth song that was adopted as a campaign song at a time Kenya was experiencing a revolution of regime and spirit . The ‘unbwogable’ song went down the books of history as a headliner for change.

Many years still, one of the artists from the duo that did this hit song back in 2002 has remained unbwogable even though he took a back seat on that musical trail to concentrate on advancing his corporate career as an MD ,a zealous business man and loving Family man

Well, the Legend Maji Maji is back and he turns a year older in style as he released a brand new single on 29th December which also happens to be his birthday.

The Ghetto Radio MD said the new single was inspired by his birthday and it was a gift to himself and every other person celebrating their birthday. Posters and teaser posts have been going round on social media in anticipation for this new single. Does he still have his mojo?

At 10.43 am the #Birthday beat hit the airwaves for the first time on Kenya’s number one Sheng station Ghetto radio on 29th Dec and we must admit, that combination of Jackie B and MajiMaji captures the African party in totality. We hope that as he turns another calendar, more inspiration will flood his musical camp.

Listen to that brand new party jam Birthday by the veteran MajiMaji here.

Happy Birthday MajiMaji.

AUTHOR: Mukami Kanyi