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Bisexual Rapper Notiflow’s Crazy Sexual Confession (Pic)


notiiFor all those of you who have always eyed Kenyan bisexual rapper Notiflow as a potential wife,she got a message for you!

Her crazy nudity antics ain’t nothing new to us,as the “rapper” is more of a socialite than what she claims to be. I mean,more of her flesh is seen a lot more frequently than the Rap music she produces!!

Now donned in some net-pants,Notiflow wants her future husband to know she “LOVES CRAZY SEX”!

The photo that has been used to convey the message leaves nothing for imagination as her nipples  all popping out and her private parts slightly covered.

Notiflow is naughty indeed!!!!!!

Check her out;NOTI_fLOW_sEX