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  • Adidas suing Kanye West for $250M.
  • Adidas is also not paying Kanye for the shoes with his trademark.
  • The global shoe brand ended its partnership with Kanye in October, 2022 following the latter’s antisemitism sentiments.

Kanye West has called out global shoe brand, Adidas for suing him for $250M. The ‘Vultures’ rapper added that Adidas is not only rolling out substandard Yeezy’s but also not paying him for the shoes bearing his trademark.

Taking to his Instagram, Kanye shared a video sharing his ordeal at the hands of the shoe maker who was once a business partner.

“Let me explain really clear what’s happening with Adidas, it’s not only are they putting out fake color ways that are not approved, they’re suing me for $250M and they’re also not paying me for the shoes that they’re putting out that have my name on it” stated Kanye partly.

Revealing his grilled teeth, Kanye further added that Adidas is using unquestionable contract guidelines to rob him out of his hard earned sweat.

“They’re using contract clauses and 50  years of business experience to rape an artist, one of your favorite artist, right in front of you in broad daylight” summed up Kanye.

While captioning the video, Kanye was spot on disclosing his battle with Adidas.

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“Adidas is selling fake Yeezy’s and not paying me and suing me at the same time” he captioned.

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Fans Reactions

Kanye’s commentary is continuing to flood with reactions after the other. Many have since thrown their weight behind the ‘Jesus Walks’ rapper.

One of the notable figures was veteran Hip hop star, Snoop Dogg who applauded Kanye for speaking his truth.

“Speak ya truth” fired Snoop.

Snoop’s reply has since garnered the most likes and replies, 66k and 272 and still counting.

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Adidas ended its business partnership with Kanye in October following the latter’s antisemitism sentiments.

Before the deal collapsed, Kanye was said to make $220M annually.

In the meantime, Kanye has sent word out to his loyal fans not to buy the new Yeezy editions.

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February 27, 2024

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