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Blame Game Over City hall Bursaries Continues As Students Suffer


Needy families depending on Cityhall bursaries to fund their education will have to wait longer as blame game over release of the funds continues.

Section of the Nairobi MCAs have threatened to picket at Governor Ann Kananus’ offices until she releases the bursary funds.

“We are sick and tired of this mess can you imagine is almost one year our parents are on our necks at the ward demanding fees yet someone is sitting in an office doing nothing over the same…I think this is now past impunity and we are mobilizing this week we shall pitch tent at her offices until she releases those funds,” Dandora IV MCA Francis Ngesa told Ghetto Radio News.

According to the insiders at education sector at City Hall, the funds are out and the bone of contention is additional funds for printing cheques.

“We are trying our best to ensure we avail those bursary by end of this weak though it has been a challenge to get the additional funds like Ksh. 4 million for printing cheques.” An officer at education sector told Ghetto Radio News.

Needy parents who have been depending on Nairobi County Government bursaries to boost school fees for their children are currently languishing at home following delays that have marred the remittance of the kitty.

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Elizabeth Bondo a Kariobangi resident told Ghetto Radio News that the Nairobi County Government bursary has become unpredictable and the delay is affecting the needy students that totally depend on it.

“It is no longer business as usual a single bursary can take a year before it is delivered and at some point the money is wired after a student has dropped out of school because of fees,” Bondo told Ghetto Radio News.

In November last year Nairobi governor Ann Kananu said the county was yet to receive its equitable share from the national government hence the delays.

“About the bursaries we have had issues of delayed disbursement of our exchequer from the national government but at least I can say in the next few weeks we are going to get our bursaries paid we are waiting for equitable share from the National Treasury and am asking school principals to let us have our children back to school because am assuring them we are going to pay bursaries soon,” says Kananu.