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Blame Games Cloud Mukuru Demolitions As Families Sleep In The Cold


Mukuru Kwa Njenga demolitions have now taken a new twist with politicians trading blame games as affected families continue to sleep in cold.

Today Mukuru  Kwa Njenga MCA John Kyalo accused aspirants of inciting residents against elected leaders.

According to Kyalo it has been difficult for them to access their wards and that aspirants and a section of residents have ganged up to publicly humiliate them.

“When these demolitions began I called and even sent a text message to Director General NMS Mohammed Badi asking him to stop. But for the aspirants we have millions in our pockets to support the demolitions….the same have been done to our Member of Parliament Hon. Mawathe… He had good intentions to stop the same but propaganda here is too much…” Kyalo said.

“The situation is dire and many families have been affected. No food, many are sleeping in cold and we should be asking government how we should be helping our people not engaging in petty politics with people’s lives,” he added.

The demolitions were done to pave way for the construction of the Nairobi Express Way as well as regeneration programme.


In an interview with Ghetto Radio News Jared Osoti an area resident says that the government demolished households, business structures and up to this moment they have received no penny as compensation.

“I think it is anchored  in the law that whenever you evict someone who has stayed on that particular place for a given period then you must compensate them…we have stayed in Mukuru slums for more than 20 years how do we start up our life again when they have destroyed everything?’’ Osoti posed.

The locals have also blamed the government and their leaders for not providing them with proper information with regards to the demolition.

“The affected individuals had been talked to and some compensated. We contacted all concerned parties and it started a month ago,” Nairobi regional commissioner James Kianda said.

“I know many are homeless and need food and other amenities to move on with life. We will deal with it,” Kianda told the media.