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Blessing Lungaho To Wed Jackie Matubia In A Grand Ceremony

Actor Blessing Lungaho has shared his plans to marry his fiance Jackie Matubia in a memorable wedding ceremony.

The actor showered Matubia with praises stating that someone as special as her deserves a grand wedding ceremony.

“She is an amazing woman watu kama hao hauwapatangi anywhere na hii kitu kama utaifanya utafanya once kama utafanya wedding na mtu unique kama huyu haufanyi jokes utatake time ndio upige ile shughuli itatetemesha,” he said.

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Blessing has also revealed that it took him three months to plan his posh engagement ceremony which happened in April this year adding that if an engagement needed planning then the wedding ceremony too will need a lot of groundwork.

It took me three months to plan my engagement. Sikuamka tu nikasema twende. Nataka niwapigie kitu kali ata nyinyi mkuje mcover,” he said in a recent interview.

Just this week, the couple landed themselves ambassadorial jobs with a real estate company and they called out young families to invest with the company in order to secure the future of their kids.

By Stella Anyango