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Blogger Edgar Obare arrested over Ksh. 10 Million extortion

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Directorate of Criminal Investigations detectives have arrested blogger Edgar Obare and a young woman over an alleged extortion of Ksh. 10,000,000.

Obare was arrested last night and is being accused of organizing a ring of girls extorting money from famous people and politicians.

The DCI says that Obare had allegedly set up the young woman Daisy Achieng Oduor to extort a prominent governor Ksh. 10,000,000.

“Obare had shared the governor’s number with her and instructed her to tell him that she was pregnant with his child and that she would tell the whole world about their little secret,” said the DCI.

The DCI says that when the governor did not respond,  Obare instructed Miss Oduor that she was going to share photos they had allegedly taken in compromising situations.

“Dejected that their plan wasn’t working, Edgar took to his social media pages accusing the governor of impregnating a lady a failing to take responsibility,” the DCI further stated.

Edgar’s revelations on Instagram apparently did not go well with Miss Oduor who went and made a confession at the police station hence leading to the arrest of the two.

Detectives have since established that the lady isn’t pregnant as she had claimed.

“Further, the lady has said that she has never met the governor, adding that she had only been recruited by Edgar, to extort money from the governor. She has since been arrested alongside her tutor Edgar Obare and they will face Publishing false information charges,” said the DCI.


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