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Blow to Speaker Mutura As Court Reinstates 39 Demoted Assembly Employees


The Labour Court has reinstated the 39 County Assembly of Nairobi employees who were recently demoted and their salaries reduced by the Nairobi County Assembly Service Board until the matter is heard and determined.

The Nairobi County Assembly board effected Justice and Legal Affairs Committee report that recommended their demotions and abolition of some positions accusing former Speaker Beatrice Elachi of bungling the recruitment process.

Justice Ocharo Kebira has now ordered the Assembly Service Board not to demote, reduce their salaries and should also ensure they have been reinstated to their initial positions and ranks.

“That the ex-parte Applicants are granted leave to apply for an order of mandamus to compel the Respondents to reinstate their lawful job positions with full rights as to job rank/group, their salaries, remunerations and pay them any money withheld as a result of the demotions. That the ex-parte Applicants are granted leave to apply for a Judicial review order of probation, to prohibit the Respondents from demoting them and reducing their salaries,” Kebira said.


The positions affected include Deputy Clerk Administration, Principal Clerk, Director Human Resource, Director Public Relations, Director Office of the speaker, Head of Department Research among other departments.

“That the Judicial Review “application be filed within 21 days of this order. That the leave granted herein shall operate as a stay of the Respondents’ decision to demote the ex-parte Applicants and reductions/ withdrawal of the whole or part of their salaries. For avoidance of doubt the implementation of the decision is stayed, pending the hearing and determination of the Judicial Review application. The costs of this application to abide the outcome of the Judicial Review application,” Orders read in part.