In Summary

  • City Hall will no longer have Courts.
  • Suspects to be charged at Milimani Law Courts.


It is now official that the Judiciary has relocated City Hall Courts to Milimani Law Courts after days of push and pull between Nairobi County Government and Milimani Law Courts.

In a statement to media houses the Judiciary Registrar Ann Amadi says there  were no legal backing for County Governments to Continue having courts and exercise prosecutorial powers.

According to Amadi the move to relocate the City Hall Courts is within the law and that there was no legal friction.

Nairobi County Government is now required to take all the county laws offenders to Milimani Law Courts for plea taking.

“Counties No longer have the statutory mandate to establish courts to enforce their laws ,nor collect and retain fines from court cases arising from the enforcement of county legislation, there is no statutory basis upon which fines collected by the Judiciary from the enforcement of county laws can be remitted directly to county government by the Judiciary. County Staff no longer enjoy statutory prosecutorial powers which are now bestowed on the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, save for instances where the DPP delegate prosecutorial authority.” Amadi said in a statement.

Prosecutors Protest

County prosecutors have  however, protested the move saying they will lose their jobs.

They have also raised issue of logistics which is not within the budget.

“It will be difficult for some of us imagine we have askaris, prosecutors and so many subordinate staffs attached here so its massive job mess. We  didn’t budget for this logistics like taking suspects to Milimani and on top of that inconvenience caused. The registrar might be right but I think County Government will lose a lot why should we deny county revenue which they get from enforcement of the county Laws.” Prosecutor who spoke on condition of anonymity said.


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