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Blushing Majimaji tells the story of how he met his wife – VIDEO

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Ghetto Radio Presenter Julius Owino popularly known as Majimaji was all blushy today as he told the story of he met his beloved wife of many years Vilda Owino.

Owino was pressed against the wall by his co-presenter King Kafu who demanded to know how he met his wife and the mother of his two children.

“He cannot be asking us questions and we do not ask him…. Maji, what attracted you to your wife?” pressed Kafu amid laughter.

Left with no option, blushing Majimaji  stated that he met with his wife on the streets of Nairobi.

“I met my wife on the streets, we were all attending to some family issues, were were somewhere trying to send money. She was sending money to her sick relative, I was trying to send money to my big brother who was also sick,” said Majimaji.

Due to the urgency of hi case, Majimaji then requested her if he could go before her, to which she obliged.

Maji says that the confidence and courage his wife exuded then is what melted his heart.

“I had been accompanied by my friend who also liked her vibe of confidence and courage. We talked about her and wished that her sick relative gets better,” narrated Majimaji.

They then exchanged numbers with the aim of each one of them checking on their relatives.

And like they say, the rest is history.

Check out the video;


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