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Bob Marley Was Killed, Personal Doctor Speaks On His 40th Anniversary


As the world was commemorating the 40th anniversary since the demise of reggae legend Robert Nesta Marley commonly referred to as Bob Marley, his doctor suspects foul play concerning his death.

The ‘Redemption’ Singer died of Cancer on 11th of May in 1981 while at his prime, he was aged 36 years.

Many of his fans including his personal physician still believe he was injected with cancer after several failed assassination attempts on his life.

Bob Marley’s doctor-Fraser, hinted at the beginning of the Star’s woes which arose from a gift of a pair of sneakers.

“After the attempt to murder him at Hope Road when he was shot, Bob retreated to the hills. A few days later he was gifted a pair of sneakers. When he tried it on, a needle went into his big toe and it was so hard to get it out. He then went on tour and when he was in London the toe got worse and it was said they would have to amputate the leg at the hip “Said Dr. Fraser.

The ‘No Woman No Cry’ Singer sought the intervention of his doctor, being in New York he had no work permit and he had to work under another physician and instructed that the only part that needed surgery was the affected area around his toe.

Dr. Fraser says that he thought Bob was finally cured but to his surprise he developed strange maladies such as nose bleeds and headaches.

This is one of his red flags. The second red flag was when they were promoting the Singer’s ‘Uprising album’.

According to the doctor, the person who was tasked with handling all Bob’s stage lighting was told to step aside.

During this period Bob complained how the lights were burning his skin.

He later collapsed before playing a football match at Central Park with doctors giving him two weeks to live.

Dr. Fraser narrates that after several attempts of healing through the electromagnetic machines, the Singer was responding well to treatment, he would run up the steps, the nosebleeds and the headaches had also stopped.

Dr. Fraser still wonders how the man he saw getting back to his feet would later die after he firmly believed the therapies were reversing the cancer.