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  • Bob Marley’s son, Ziggy is under fire for supporting Israel in their war with Gaza.
  • Ziggy is advocating for the rescue of civilian lives regardless of which side.
  • His wife, Orly Agai Marley is an Israeli of Iranian- Jewish descent.

Bob Marley’s son, Ziggy Marley is under fire for signing an open letter in support of Israel in the ongoing war with Gaza.

The aftermath definitely is not a good sight, both sides have had casualties though the situation on the Palestine side is devastating.

The number of already killed is beyond 5000 Palestinians half being children.

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Israel launched an onslaught against Gaza bombarding it with bombs after bombs.

The housing and infrastructure that was once a blessing have been reduced to mere rubbles.

It will take years to rebuild to such heights even as the war escalates.

Ziggy Marley and his Israeli Iranian wife Orly Agai Marley PHOTO Courtesy


Genesis Of The War

The current war pitying Israel and Palestine kicked off with an allegation of kidnapping of Israeli’s by Palestine terrorist group, Hamas.

The outlawed group also laid an attack at a music festival in Israel.

In retaliation, Israel has since pelted Gaza with bombs never seen in their long standing feud history.

The United States Of America have also heightened matters following support of Israel.

This has led to an increase in destruction with towns and humanity reduced to ashes.

There’s currently a serious humanitarian crisis in Gaza with neighboring borders still not accessible.

People are in dire need of food, shelter and medication among other necessities.

The letter Ziggy signed has also been signed by more than 700 celebrities in Hollywood in support of Israel.

The letter was crafted by Creative Community For Peace(CCFP) whose mandate is to coordinate creatives in presenting Israel’s positive vibe.

It also pushed for the release of hostages while terming Hamas a terrorist group.

The letter was out by October 12, that was before the situation worsened.

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Not even the US had joined forces with Israel then.

Ziggy’s support of Israel is being seen as going against his father who was a revolutionary.

There were some quarters  speculating that his decision was reached because of his wife, Orly Agai Marley who’s an Israeli of Iranian-descent.

Despite the heat, One of Ziggy’s post affirmed his decision in support of rescuing civilian lives regardless of the affiliation.


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  • Debbie Abbas


    His father would have supported the Palestinians. Bob Marley would be turning in his grave at his eldest son support for the oppressor against the oppressed.

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