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  • The association chairperson has welcomed the proposed ksh 1000 levy on riders
  • He says the rider will demand good services and recognition by both  national and county  government
  • Urge riders to register in the association

The Boda boda Safety Association of Kenya chairman has welcomed the proposed ksh 1000 annual levy on the riders operating in Nairobi Central Business District

In an exclusive interview with Ghetto Radio,BSAK chairman Kevin Mubadi said the taxation on the will help to construct shades and also to regularized the sector.

He said the payment will also help in formalizing the trade and expel non compliant riders from the sector.

“If that what they have put across, that good as long as we know where our money goes that is good,because we need shades and be recognized, not running up and down because with city askaris.” Mubadi said.

However, Mubadi opposed the recent remarks by the Trade CS Moses Kuria that the price of the fuel will increase monthly by ksh 10 until February 2024.

He added that increased fuel prices will have a ripple effect to the entire economy as commuters will have to bear the cost.

” Even our clients are facing tough economic times, they cannot afford our charges so the government must now consider its citizens and maintain the current fuel prices and if possible then of reducing”.Mubadi said.

According to Mubadi, there are over 1.8 millions boda boda operators whose contributions will help to boost the economy and, therefore, must be treated dignity just like their counterparts in formal professions.

He said they will work closely with security urgency to curb the insecurity menace where people perceived to be boda boda has been engaging in robberies and mugging.

He called on the government to avail the electric bikes in the market at reduced prices so that it can help ride cut tne court of operations.

“Once the price of the electric bikes are reduced the as a sector we will go for it as cheaper option to the petrol bikes because we must think of cutting the cost of operations to earn profit.”Mubadi stated.

However, proposed levy has since sparked mixed reactions among riders in Nairobi, who described it as exorbitant fees.

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