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Boda Boda Operators Apologise Over Forest Road Incident, Decry Harassment


A section of boda boda operators have condemned the sexual assault on a female motorist along Wangari Mathai road by their colleagues yesterday.

United Boda Boda Chairman Dennis Achieng the operators as inhumane and have apologized to the woman and all other women on behalf of their colleagues.

According to Achieng, those responsible for the act should face the full force of the law.

“The incident that happened yesterday was unfortunate and inhumane and on that note we apologise to all the women and specifically the lady who was assaulted,” stated Achieng.

The operators are however appealing to the government to stop the blanket condemnation on all boda boda operators following the incident.

They claim that many innocent operators within the CBD have also fallen victims of the operation.

“The unfortunate incident happened along Forest Road, why are they arresting operators in the CBD?” posed one rider.


“Instead of the harassments and the blanket condemnations, the police should have at least approached us and asked us to help in identifying the culprits,” said the rider.

Achieng has asked his colleagues to in future help the police secure accident scenes and not harass motorists or accident victim.

“Whenever you witness an accident please just help and secure the scene. Do not make the victim insecure or even cause violence,” he said.

Meanwhile President Uhuru has called for a crackdown and deregistration of all boda boda riders across the country.