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Boda-boda Rider Wins Ticket To Qatar World Cup In Coca-Cola Promotion

William Miriti Maore is the fourth winner of a fully paid trip to Qatar to watch two matches of the 2022 World Cup live, courtesy of the ongoing Coca-Cola’s FIFA World Cup Buy and Win Promotion in Kenya.  

The promotion, launched in April, is giving five consumers a chance to win tickets to watch and experience the FIFA World Cup Live in Qatar.  

The announcement was made at Coastal Bottlers Ltd, in Mtwapa, Mombasa, where a jubilant Maore described his 2022 as one of his luckiest years, where he has overcome personal and physical hardships that have made him grateful, highlighting that the ticket to watch two matches in the upcoming World Cup is the cherry on top of his cake.   

“Winning this opportunity has proven to me that 2022 has been my year. I have been able to accomplish my goals and keep my focus on what’s important such as my business and family. I cannot believe my luck.” Maore expressed.

Maore who plays football every weekend with his close group of friends says that they all shared his joy and excitement when he told them of his ticket win to Qatar. On a lighter note, Maore’s friends have shared a list of things that he must do once he gets there such as having a photo taken with Sadio Mane and asking Cristiano Ronaldo for his workout routine.  

“The pandemic was particularly tough for me, but this year I managed to pick myself up, start my boda-boda business and provide for my family. By the end of the year, I should own my motorbike outright, my family is well my children are well and I have a lot to be thankful for.” said Maore. 

Maore, a resident of Bamburi, is a 46-year-old boda-boda rider and is rooting for Senegal and Portugal in this year’s World Cup and has been following the journey of the two teams since the qualifiers.

“When Portugal had to go to the European playoffs to make the World Cup, I was very nervous, Senegal had to play Egypt to get to the tournament and that was not an easy match either. I have followed their exciting journeys and now I get to go to the tournament and see what these teams have worked hard for. I believe that all the time I spend on football, watching, playing and reading, has been validated by this opportunity of a lifetime.”  

“I am glad that a winner from the Coastal region has been selected as one of the five lucky Kenyans who will be traveling to Qatar to watch the 2022 FIFA World Cup live courtesy of Coca-Cola,” said Coastal Bottlers Limited Marketing Manager, Barry Otieno.

He further called on consumers to keep participating in the promotion for the chance to win the final ticket in the last remaining draw for a trip to Qatar alongside other cash and airtime prizes.

All five winners will get the full Qatar experience in November during this year’s World Cup tournament in Doha, Qatar. The package includes a 5-day all-expenses paid trip with tickets to watch two live matches at the tournament. 

The first, second, and third winners of the grand prize of the Buy and Win promotion by Coca-Cola are Veronica Maweu from Kayole, Nairobi, Wendy Cherop from Nakuru and Duncan Wekesa Wamalwa from Meru respectively. 

For a chance to win tickets to Qatar, buy any participating big pack i.e., consumers can purchase a 1Litre, 1.25Litre or 2Litre bottle of Coke, Coke No Sugar, Fanta, or Sprite. Check the code under the cap and SMS the code to 40111 for a chance to win instant prizes and entry into the draw to watch the FIFA World Cup games in Qatar. Once a consumer wins a prize, they will receive an instant message with details of the win and collection process.