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Bodaboda Association Defends NHIF Deal Ask Riders to Register

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Kenya Bodaboda Safety Association has defended its move to have all their Members registered in National Hospital Insurance Fund cover saying it’s the only way to boost medical care for riders who are prone to accidents.

In an exclusive interview with Ghetto Radio News Bodaboda Safety Association chairman Kevin Mubadi says many  riders who were involved in various accidents have  lost lives after failing to access proper treatment.

Search were occasioned by lack of funds to access the required treatment.

“We have so many problems when we get injured, the accidents are reported daily and no one is talking about how we are accessing treatment.” He said.

“Our engagement with National Hospital Insurance Fund is timely  and will help  our members to get better health services when they are involved in accidents or when they contract cold related diseases like Pneumonia.” He added.

He further defended the NHIFs’ five hundred shillings  fee  saying it’s better pay than waiting huge medical bills at the hospital.

“Yes I do agree that we do not make much but let us  see the benefits …we agreed with National Hospital Insurance Fund that  our cover commence immediately you register…you don’t have to wait for the usual three months.” Mubadi told Ghetto Radio News.

Bodaboda Riders at a Stage in Kisumu PHOTO/FILES

Report shows that in Kenya, 15% of road accident victims are bodaboda riders.

Out of all the victims, only 11% have insurance. This implies that 89% of bodaboda riders do not have medical insurance.

Meanwhile bodaboda riders raised questions over 500 shillings fee saying its will be very difficult to raise the money monthly. They want it reduces to 200 shillings for them to have easy time in remitting the same.

‘‘It is a nice  idea we will embrace it fully but the only problem we have is the charges ,the government should give us a special charge…. 200 shillings is a good offer,’’ Denis Omari a rider in Nairobi told Ghetto Radio News.

By Allan Otieno


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