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bodaboda Operators Sign Charter, Commit To Not Accept Money From Politicians

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Bodaboda Operators leaders from across the country have signed a peace charter with the National Cohesion and Integration Commission committing to uphold peace in the forthcoming general elections.

The Political Decency and Peace Charter signed today has the bodaboda commit to not accept any form of inducement including money and drugs from politicians during and after the elections.

The association’s chairman Kevin Mubadi says that they have also committed to not be part of any form of political mobilization that targets to balkanize the country including being part of the criminal gang culture.

“We have agreed as bodaboda sector leaders here have agreed that we are going to support the government on its peace initiative agenda and we are not going to be involved in any side shows of some political parties and politicians that want to use bodaboda people into causing chaos in this country,” said Mubadi.


“So we are dedicated we are focussed and we are organized to ensure that the 2022 elections will not be like any other. It will not be an election with chaos.”

The Charter was signed during the launch of the peace campaign in partnership with the Bodadoda Safety Association.

NCIC Chairman Dr. Sameul Kobia says that politicians have often used bodaboda operators to cause havoc and violence in the country following their huge numbers, grass root presence and influence.

“As NCIC, we have a big role to play to ensure there’s peace during the elections period, we do not wish to recur the Post- Election violence in 2007-2008,” Kobia stated.

“We therefore must have good partnerships as we head for the general elections, we celebrate your resilience, solidarity and fortitude towards your work, we cannot achieve this without you,” he added.



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