A bodaboda riders on Tuesday afternoon treated a court attendants to unusual drama after he was slapped with ksh 25000 fine.

The accused person,Fredrick Munene Mbaru who appeared before trial magistrate Esther Kimilu was facing traffic offence of driving uninsured motorcycles

On another account the Mbaru,was charged with driving a motorcycle without driving licence hence putting the life of other road users at risk.

According to prosecution ,prior to arrest the accused person had served with summon to appear before traffic court but did not show up.

The accused person pleaded guilty of the said offence

The magistrate in short rulling,order the accused to deposit a fine of ksh25ooo or in default serve three months in jail.

“The accused person to deposit fine of ksh 25000 or serve three months in prison. ” Kimilu ruled.

Upon the coming in terms with court pronouncement, Mbaru knelt down before court and rolled on the floor as show of remourse pleading with court to grant free him.

Ombaru was heard saying that that he is the sole breadwinner and that his family will suffer if he is sentenced.

“Hii ni maisha gani hii,mungu nisaidie…mnione huruma..watoto wangu watateseka,mnipunguzie hii fine”.Mbaru inconsolably cried in court.

April 14, 2023

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