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Bodaboda Riders On the Spot For Sneaking People Outside and Inside Nairobi Metropolitan


Bodaboda riders operating in Nairobi and its environs have been warned by the police against sneaking passengers inside and outside the City.

According to Nairobi Police Commander Philip Ndolo, officers have arrested many bodaboda riders sneaking people a move that he says facilitates illegal movement contrary to the ban imposed by the government.

‘‘Let’s not play the tricks because it will not make us finish this Coronavirus and those people you are inviting for a ride you do not know their COVID-19 status…you must stop.’’ He said.

He further asked Nairobi residents to suspend their rural travels until the coronavirus is contained.

‘‘If you are supposed to stay in Nairobi please do so and if you must travel because of a reason then don’t use any funny tricks,’’ he added.