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Body asks U.K PM to withdraw Ksh 20 Billion abortion money for Kenya


A non governmental organization in Kenya has petitioned UK Prime Minister Theresa May to withdraw he offer to fund abortion in Kenya and two other African Countries.

CitizenGo on Thursady delivered a petition with over 2,000 signatures to the office of prime minister Theresa May in London and the British Consulate in Nairobi.

CitizenGo Campaigns Manage Ann Kioko argues that the over 20 billion shillings May is planning to donate to Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa to fund abortion can be used in other developmental projects.

“Kenya needs funds to construct its train system, improve the sanitary sector and  healthcare for women or further education, but May’s help is largely to kill children who are yet to be born in Africa,” said Kioko.

 According to Kioko the attempt to impose ideological perspectives on the continent were evident at the meeting of Commonwealth state leaders which took place in London in April, where Theresa May asked African countries to review their laws regarding homosexuality in support of gay and lesbian ‘marriage’.

Kioko argues that the over 20 billion shillings is stained hence the need to reject it.

“The  £200 million which the prime minister wants to donate, is blood-stained money and this is why we ask the presidents of the Republic of South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya not to accept this gift, as it does nothing but result in the death of our children,” she said.

According to Kioko the majority of African countries have pro-life laws and consider that life starts at conception hence the need to defend it until natural death occurs.