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Boinnet disowns Hessy


Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet has rejected Nairobi’s undercover cop Hessy.

Hessy who is popularly known for running social media accounts by the names Kayole Crime Free and Nairobi Crime Free formerly Dandora Crime Free is known for his ruthless and unapologetic way of dealing with criminals.

Speaking to CItizen TV’s Jeff Koinange, Boinnet stated that he has only heard of Hessy on Social Media  and that he is not part of the police.

“I have heard of such a guy on social media. He is an excitable chap who has a lot of interest in security. He isn’t part of the police,” he said.

Hessy gained fame early last year after following an expose by Ghetto Radio on how he was warning suspected thugs, killing them and later posting their photos on Social Media.

Hessy’s gang seems to have grown with the likes of undercover cops like Sarah Kwena Sarah, Saigon the punisher, Blackest Widow and EK Maasai.

The five call themselves Teambuilding team that is out to finish crime in Nairobi.

Their actions have sparked outrage from activists who prompted the police to investigate them.