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  • The driver was exposing his private parts to a female passengers
  • Bolt issues a statement
  • Bolt Customers raise concerns over conduct of some drivers

Taxi-hailing firm Bolt has released a statement addressing a viral video depicting a cab driver exposing his private parts to a female passenger.

The video was shared online on Monday evening through former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko, who said the incident happened in the morning.

The video that has sent shockwaves through social media shows the driver unzipping his pants and showing his private parts while driving the lady who was accompanied by a friend at the time of the incident.

The lady passenger requested the driver to stop ,

Unafanya nini? Mbona unavua nguo? Niwekee pale (What are you doing? Why are you undressing? Drop me there),” the lady said.

She then alerted her friend in the backseat saying; “Sally, shuka huyu mtu ako uchi, niweke pale (Sally, alight this man is naked, drop me),”

Bolt Issues Statement

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The statement comes amidst a number of complaints from Bolt customers who have raised concern over the conduct of some of the drivers.

In their response the taxi operator claims they have suspended the mentioned driver

‘’Bolt, as part of its zero tolerance to this type of behaviour, has suspended the mentioned driver from providing any further services on our platform’’ Read partially the statement

The online digital operator has assured their clients that their safety remains their highest priority

‘We are also actively engaging with the affected rider, and once again take this opportunity to express our sincere concern and empathy over this unfortunate incident’’

We remain committed to promptly address and continuously support our valued clients during such difficult moments.

At Bolt, the safety of our drivers and passengers remains our highest priority. We remain committed to vigilance and swift response in handling such incidents.

Bolt Kidnapping Incidence

This is not the first where the online taxi operator has found itself under the wrath of Kenyans

The Taxi-hailing firm, in June this year was again  under attack after two girls were kidnapped by a Bolt driver.

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