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Bomb experts Deployed In Eastleigh Mall, After Scare

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Bomb specialists were on Thursday deployed at a mall in Eastleigh following a bomb scare.

The experts were called after Yare Mall managers alerted the police of leaflets doing rounds that a bomb was going to explode at the mall at around 1 pm.

Kamukunji DCC Samuel Kariuki says that the bomb specialists deployed in the building have combed the building and nothing has been found.

“There some leaflets that were dropped in this building warning people that there will be a bomb explosion at around 1 pm today,” said Kariuki.

“When we received the report from the building managers, we immediately deployed bomb experts and they combed the building and found no bomb,” he said.

Kariuki says that they are still investigating the source of the leaflets.


Traders at the mall however suspect business rivalry as the cause of the false alarm.

“We are not yet very sure but we suspect this could have been caused by business rivalry,” said one trader.

The traders have also urged the mall owners to at least install safety measures to ensure that this does not happen again.

“I have never seen serious security screening at this mall. We are therefore urging the owners to at least install safety measures to ensure that this does not happen again,” said another one.

Meanwhile several traders counted losses following the closure of the mall for the better part of the day.



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