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Boniface Mwangi hapendi ujinga!

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boniDo you know what it feels like to invite a guest to your house then serve them tea only for them to take a sip, realise it’s coffee spit it back then leave? Well I also dont know but Jeff Koinange must have an idea after the infamous activist Boniface Mwangi walked out on him on live televison. LIVE TELEVISION! Who does that?

Well apparently Boni does. His explanation? Jeff Koinange lied to him. According to his status update on facebook right after the incident the leader of #TeamCourage explained that Jeff Koinange had invited him on the bench and upon inquiring who else was to warm the bench with him, Jeff said Dennis Itumbi would. Boni slammed the invitation on what he termed as rooted principals. “ He told me Dennis Itumbi and I declined the invite. I didn’t want to waste my time with a spin doctor who is very allergic to the truth” said Boni on his update.

During the show, Jeff and Boni had started warming and curving up to the bench until Moses Kuria walked into set. The surprise and disappointment on Boni’s face was priceless as he was thrown into self conflict between his  instinct and decorum especially with the fact that he was on live TV.  Instinct and principal won and he stood up, removed his mic placing it on the bench but not before blasting  Jeff Koinange for lying to him.

If ever there was a time the bench needed a fire extinguisher, yesternight was it. Jeff Koinange got schooled on how not to play dirty just for ratings. As for Moses Kuria, well, he also took on to his Facebook page and did what he knows best, spewing  unnecessary bile against Boniface Mwangi  to bring out a point that the government is Bae. #TeamCourage just got validated.

Take a look at the updates of these two elephants, we the grass shall only look on. Popcorn anyone?

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