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Bonoko Teaches Natty King Sheng


BONOKO NATTYThe arrival of reggae music star Natty King in the country on Wednesday was marked with hype warmth and entertainment.

Natty King famously known for his hit music No Guns To Town already calls Kenya home following the warm reception of Kenyans all the way from the Jommo Kenyatta International Airport to Ngara during his interview at Ghetto Radio Station.

“I am very happy to be in Kenya, everybody kept telling me welcome to Kenya Natty King and it felt really good. I feel i am home,” he quipped in his Jamaican accent.

The climax of the reggae star was reached when Ghetto radio presenter and former street kid Bonoko taught Natty King in Sheng.

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“Natty King Ebu Big Up mafans wote, wasee wa nduthi, wasee wa mathree, ” Bonoko said in his heavy street accent.

To which Natty King repeated aptly trying to immitate Bonoko’s accent.

“You people are already making me feel at home, i am very happy to be here,” he stated.

Natty King is set to perform on Friday at the Point Mall Buruburu.