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Boondocks gang call out gospel singer for living a fake lifestyle


Fast rising Gengetone artistes, the Boondocks gang has called out the gospel artistes in the country living a fake lifestyle.

The crew fired shots at gospel star Masterpiece calling him a hypocrite claiming he drinks himself silly.

This followed Masterpiece naming them as part of the reason why the youth today are going wrong

“Masterpiece, huyo msee munasema sijjui Masterpice ni hypocrite. Hawa wasee unaweza patana naye kwa club. Hawa wasee wako mtaani waukata mbaya sana. Wanakupima tuhapa hivi. Kazi ni kupimanisha tu watu,” said Boondocks

They also launched a scathing attack on controversial singer Willy Paul claiming that there is no way fans can listen to him anymore because of his controversies.

“Mara juzi juzi Willy Paul ameimba Lamba Nyonyo hapa halafu akam kutuimbia ngoma ingine hapo utamskiza aje?” they added

The crew went on to say that the gospel artiste is just jealous of them because Gengetone made the #playkemusic a reality

This comes just a month after a gospel singer left revelers in stitches after crying himself silly at a popular joint on Mombasa road.

The singer had allegedly had one too when he started crying forcing his friends to whisk him from the club.