• Demand for bouncers was on an all time High during Campaigns
  • For bouncers proper diet is encouraged besides hitting the Gym

During the campaign period the demand for bouncers was on an all-time high

Speaking to Mr John (Not his real name) Who runs a security Company In Nairobi , He says the demand for bouncers during the campaign period was overwhelming .

‘’We were receiving a significant number of politicians looking for bouncers, ranging from 10 to 15 everyday ‘’ He says

He added that during that phase He was constantly working on recruiting new bouncers to meet the demand

He says there are requirements needed for one to work as a bouncer in most security firms

Bouncer Requirements

He says that body fitness is a major requirement, with persons eyeing bouncer jobs required to maintain specific body measurements.

‘’Some companies require bouncers to master Karate, wrestling and martial arts ‘’He added

He however claims that most people assume that bouncers are violent by nature judging by their physical appearance which is quite wrong and a misleading notion.

After Politics

Mr John says politicians hire bouncers to ensure everyone feels secure at their events

After the election period however most have been left jobless especially ones associated with politicians who lost in the 2022 General election, with some being hired automatically by the elected politicians as their security team

He says he has been receiving so many calls

‘’Wengi wananipigia simu, Mkubwa hakuna kazi? But inapidi niwaambie waendelee kuinua chuma kwa gym kabla shugli ingine itokee’’ He Added

He says most security companies are now eyeing night clubs, events and persons seeking to have personal bodyguards which is not as lucrative as working with politicians.

He however advises young people who wish to work as bouncers they should embrace a proper diet

‘’Apart from regularly hitting the gym, one has to maintain a proper diet and also have another course at hand, we encourage a course in defensive driving’’

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