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Bounty Killer, Buju Banton Furious Over Jamaica’s Curfew Measures


By Claret Adhiambo

Jamaica’s dancehall Stars Bounty Killer and Buju Banton have spoken out as the Jamaican government announced stricter lockdown measures.

Andrew Holmes the Jamaican Prime Minister introduced a new series of stricter Covid – 19 measures in a bid to curb the escalation of cases across the island.

Veteran dancehall Star Bounty Killer through his Instagram account questioned why the government had not closed the nation’s ports.

He suggested they close the ports as a measure to curb Covid 19.

“Simple unuh putting unuh livelihood over people’s lives simple bcuz letting in Covid then lock it down is not a cure lock it out for a few months and then let’s fights what’s here is the only way to try curb or reduce the cases done talk,” wrote Bounty Killer.

“Without life livelihood has no use to a dead person so which is more important at the appointed moment lives or livelihood” Added the Star.

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Bounty Killer joins a host of other Stars including Beenie Man, Spragga Benz and Buju Banton who have spoken out on the measures imposed by the government.

Buju Banton hit out at the government in a short video clip that went viral.

He termed the government as “oppressive and their methods being akin to tyranny”.

He asked Jamaican’s to pray and take back their power.

“Do you get it now pray, go back to God the true and living almighty God do you see it now can you feel it now. Wake up let’s let’s take back our power as a people,” he said.

There has been a public outcry since the announcement of “too little, too late” with some calling the measures “Draconian” alluding the Prime Minister being a “Hitler” in their lives.

The new measures are as a result of the countrymen failing to adhere to the previous protocols put in place.

The Jamaican entertainment industry has been very hard hit since the country reported its first Covid case.