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  • Bounty Killer has been captured enjoying a moment with Kartel’s sons, Likkle Vybz and Addi.
  • This was just a few hours after Kartel’s sons had shared recent photos in the company of their father.
  • Dancehall fans have praised Bounty Killer’s friendship with the Kartel family.

Bounty Killer has lit the internet with photos of himself and Kartel’s sons, Likkle Vybz and Addi enjoying a moment.

Kartel’s eldest son, Likkle Vybz posted the photo on Instagram with the veteran dancehall star embracing the two brothers.

According to Likkle Vybz, Bounty Killer was not just an elder but also their grandfather.

“Grandfather@1 unogeneral” captioned Likkle Vybz.

This comes just a few hours after Kartel’s sons shared photos in the company of their father.

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Dancehall fans have since praised Bounty Killer’s friendship with the Kartel family as something good for the industry.

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Fans Reactions

Likkle Vybz’s commentary section is continuing to flood with reaction after the other following their pairing up with Bounty Killer.

We sampled a few of the reactions below.

“Grandmaster and him grandsons”

“One of the best picture of the year”

“This is love and respect”

“I really respect dis I swear unity, family, Bounty Killa that’s godzilla you’re a general”

“Generation of kings”

Also not left behind was Vybz Kartel himself who termed them his ‘family’.

“@1 unogeneral @likklevybz.utg @likkleaddi.utg MY Family” commented Kartel.

Vybz Kartel is a protege of Bounty Killer, In previous interviews the former revealed working under the latter’s, Alliance Crew.

However, they later parted ways with Kartel forming his own stable, Gaza Empire and became a force to reckon with.

Their strained relationship never lasted as the artists later sorted out their differences.

Bounty Killer’s move discloses the presence of a guardianship role in Kartel’s sons in the absence of their father.

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In recent days, the Kartel’s family has been on police radar for crime-related allegations.

Likkle Vybz is on record for being pulled over by police while cruising his Mercedes- Benz on gun and drug possession allegations.

Another incident also captured the police raiding the Kartel’s Kingston home over scamming allegations.

Meanwhile, Kartel is smelling freedom with his Privy Council hearing set for Valentine’s day, 2024.

His attorney, Isat Buchanan had clung to Kartel’s deteriorating health in hastening his hearing.


December 17, 2023

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