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Bounty Killer speaks on Mavado’s son’s life sentence


By Steve Osaka

Veteran Jamaican dancehall entertainer Rodney Basil Price popularly known as Bounty Killer has sent a hopeful tribute to Mavado’s family amidst his son receiving the life sentence in prison.

Mavado’s son Dante was recently sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Lorenzo Thomas in 2018.

He will be eligible for parole after serving 22 years, while his co-accused will be eligible for parole after serving 17 years behind bars.

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Bounty Killer took to instagram to send his condolences,offering comforting words to Mavado’s family.

“Let’s keep the prayers going up for David and Dante and the family, also condolences to the victim family since none of us knows what really took place that night” wrote Bounty.

“But my heart is wrenching and any man with young sons would be as trouble never set like rain and nobody knows what tomorrow brings its today for me and tmrw for you only one life we got so let’s live it right folks,” he went ahead.

“Life consists of good and bad ups and downs troubles trials and even tragedy that we all have to survive to thrive it’s Not An Easy Road. @MAVADOGULLY@POPSTYLEMUSISOUNDS SIMPLE BUT THAT’S WHAT HELPED ME THROUGH MY DARKERS DAYS PRAYERS WORKS. Mavado and the Brooks family have been waiting for years to know Dante’s fate. And it came as a big shocker when the young Brook’s was handed the life sentence. At the time of his arrest he was only 16 years and was placed in remand until his recent sentencing. His lawyer Champagnie has promised to lodge an appeal. Mavado is a troubled man as he’s not only dealing with his son’s incarceration but also the loss of his mother Elizabeth Pinny Gordon who passed away recently,” wrote Mavado.