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  • Raphael Shigali was allegedly shot by the police.
  • Family is now calling for justice and perpetrator be BE to book,

The Sport fraternity in mourning t his life amidst violent clashes between police and demonstrators in Nairobi and other parts of the country..

Shigalis’ was  confirmed by the Jericho Boxing Club, leaving the local boxing community and fans in a state of agony.

In a statement, the club expressed their deep sorrow and offered condolences to Shigali’s family and friends.

“The Jericho boxing fraternity is in mourning; we have lost our most promising boxer, Raphael Shigali. Our sincere condolences to the family and friends. May his soul rest in peace,” read the message in part.

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Reports indicate that Shigali was shot during a confrontation with the police as he was returning from a training session.

Shigali’s death comes as a devastating blow to the Kenyan boxing community, as he was a rising superstar  and a member of the country’s provisional squad for the 2022 African Amateur Boxing Championships in Maputo, Mozambique.

Neighbours and Friends Reaction

Nancy Ugisa  neighbour to Shighali described him as humble and a peace loving boxer who valued everyone.

“Wanaishi kwa nyumba ya juu Mimi Niko hapa chini …kitu nasema ni kwamba Raphael alikua kijana wa heshima sana na ni sad kijana mdogo kama huyu akipoteza maisha kwa Sababu ya Demos yenye yeye mwenyewe hakushiriki.Ni  jambo la kutamausha Sanaa amewacha pengo kubwa kwa familia na hata marafiki wake.” Nancy told Ghetto Radio News in an exclusive interview.

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