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Boys caught dancing with gun on their waist surrender to Hessy with their tool


Two suspected thugs who were caught on a video dancing with a gun on their waists have presented themselves to the police station.

The two minors presented themselves to the police at the Buruburu Police Station with their tool accompanied by their father.

Hessy Wa Dandora has however established that the gun pictured on the video is actually a toy gun.

The toy gun the young boys surrendered at the Buruburu police station PHOTO/COURTESY

The two however claim that they are not thugs as portrayed in the video.

One says that he is actually a dancer while the other claims he is a footballer.

“They presented themselves at Buruburu Police Station, #Granton and #Kennedy with their tool. Indeed it is a toy gun and they failed to explain why people of their age could still be walking around with such an item. We all know we have had instances in Eastlands of Nairobi where members of public have been robbed severally by some boys while armed with such toys. They might be dancers or footballers but still engage in different activities. A close monitor from today!  ….Vijana wamejileta wakiwa na baba yao,” Hessy said.