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Braving The Odds; Kenya’s First Blind Deejay


A young man from Mukuru Kwa Reuben slums has braved the odds to become Kenya’s first blind deejay.

Twenty two year old James Masita popularly known as DJ Unique had his eyes removed after he was attacked by measles when he missed the the ninth month jab of measles.

Unic who lost his mum when he was only two years says doctors had to remove his eyes to save his brain from damage following the measles attack.

“After my mum died, i was left with my grandmother, unfortunately in the same same year that is 1998 i was attacked by measles. Doctors said they had to remove my eyes because if the didn’t it would have affected my brain,” said Unic.

He however did not let this deter his dreams of one day becoming a DJ.

“My dream was to join a music class and music has always been interested. This interest in music started when i was a young boy,” stated Unic.

After finishing High School DJ Unic won a scholarship at the Bling It On DJ academy where he mastered the skills of Dejaaying.

“Th journey to Bling It On DJ Academy is a very funny one. I just woke up one day and set off on a journey to Donholm where the academy is situated. I had not been to Donholm ever since they reconstructed the round about. So navigating it was a bit hard but i eventually got a good Samaritan who helped me cross the road and i finally got there,” narrates Unic.

Unic says that after getting to the academy, he spoke to the receptionist who later referred him to DJ Bling who is the owner and founder of the academy.

“Bling was touched with my story and and he offered to sponsor me fully,” he says.

Unic says navigating the Deejaying decks has not been hard since he has had previous knowledge of handling a lap top and a computer.

Despite finishing successfully last year, Unic is yet to land a proper Deejaying but is hopeful that his time will come and his light will shine.

“I have only landed one gig ever since i graduated. My friend had an event and he called me to spin. We had fun, everybody enjoyed and people did not believe that a blind DJ can also deejay in a gig,” he stated

You can reach Unic on 0796481816 for bookings