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Brenda Wairimu angered after Tanzanian comedian claimed he fathered her daughter


Actress Brenda Wairimu has been angered by Tanzanian comedian Mc Pilipili.

This is after the comedian shared an old photo of Brenda’s daughter when she was six weeks old claiming that he fathered the child.

“Daddys Daughter @elphina_mathias… I love you!! Balozi wa @the_edras Kipenzi cha @themathias_qute_mena.” Wrote MC Pilipili

Brenda shared the image calling out the comedian forcing him to pull down the photo.

“A public figure with about 2mil IG followers just took a picture OF MY DAUGHTERS FEET when she was six weeks old, off my IG page and used it as his own. I dunno, thats just…..strange. .This is very strange. This is my picture; these are my daughter’s feet” Brenda wrote

This comes  months after another Tanzanian comedian Mwijaku claimed that Diamond and Tanasha’s son is his.

Mwijaku went around claiming that he fathered Tanasha’s son but refused to take a DNA test when he was asked to.

His statement got him in trouble with both Tanasha and Diamond’s lawyers who served him.

He later issued an apology saying that he did not mean it in the literal aspect.