In Summary
  • Brian was arrested in Uthiru for damages caused on a smokie vendor business
  • The claimed Smokie, Sausage and Smoking grill damages worth Kshs. 12K
  • He was arrested, given cash bail of Ksh. 10K which he couldn’t raise. 

Brian Mwangi was arrested on Sunday in Uthiru after he slid and fell on a smokie vending trolly, causing damages estimated at worth Kshs. 12K.

The statement by complainant claims he damaged the trolly, smokies and sausages that were on sale.

Brian side of the story

He admits to sliding on the trolly but insists it was an unfortunate accident that did not warrant him to be behind bars.

They had gone to the club to drink and have fun with his friend Isaac. Feeling hungry, they decided to buy smokies from the vendor. After he recalls sliding on the trolly and fell down causing the damage.

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“Enyewe tulienda kujinyce tuka lewa kidogo. Si Ile mbaya. Kutoka kuskia kanenge tuka enda kubuy smokie hapo Kwa mlango ya club. Hapo ndio nakumbuka tu kiteleza na kivuta hiyo trolly ya smokie”

Ghetto Radio and Boniface Mwangi team up to free Brian

During the morning show Brekko aired today, his story attracted empathy begging the station to take necessary steps to have him released.

The story also caught the attention of renowned activist Boniface Mwangi to weigh in offering to bail him out and pay for the alleged damages.

This afternoon Ghetto Radio team lead by Majimaji who hosts the breakfast show have followed up the case at Kibera Law courts and visited him at Industrial area prison where he’s been remanded

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The conflicting story

Brian says that the vendor was a lady but the business is owned by the club. The bouncers pounced on him when they couldn’t raise Kshs. 2,100 that the lady initially asked for.

They had offered to pay Kshs. 1000 and add the balance later. The bouncers rushed them to the management and hurriedly the case was concluded what he recalls are the police.

He still cannot comprehend how the damages got to Kshs. 12,000. To his memory, the grill is metallic and cannot amount to the loss indicated.

The smokies and sausages also do not add up to him.

Asked why his friend was not arrested along with him, he says the CCTV footage only has him falling on the trolly.

The father’s reaction

Boniface Mwangi the father thanked Ghetto Radio, Boniface Mwangi and we’ll wishers for their concern. As a fan, he had listened to the conversations on radio earlier.

He also said he was trying his best to free the son. His immediate solution is to talk to the vendor to see in they could come to an agreement.

He feels sorry about the situation and says his son Brian is a good man!

September 22, 2023

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