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Bridget Achieng explains why she bleached her skin


Socialite and actress Bridget Achieng has explained why she decided to bleach her skin back in 2014.

While on an interview, the soon to be mom revealed that she had suffered self esteem issues while growing up.

Bridget also revealed that she missed several acting roles because the judges did not like her skin tone.

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“When I was 22 years old, I went for acting auditions, but I failed to qualify due to the colour of my skin colour. In one of the auditions, I was the best candidate, but a judge member told me: ‘You have qualified, but your skin tone is not the one we want.” She said

The actress also shared that the problem would get worse when she would go out but no men would approach her.

“Sometimes, I would go out with my friends, and men would approach them because of their skin tone, and not even look my way because I was dark. I also had self-esteem issues growing up. I vowed to bleach [my skin] when I got money, and in 2014, when I landed employment, I decided to bleach my skin.” She added

The lass however had some advice for those intending to bleach their skins telling them that it is very expensive.

“Bleaching, however, is an expensive affair; the addiction to it is akin to the use of drugs. I wouldn’t advise people to use skin-bleaching tablets. Some do affect the kidneys. I would prefer someone uses skin-lightening cream.” She said