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British High Commission Leads Youth Activists To Mark World Biodiversity Day


By Emmaline Owuor

The Wangari Mathai Foundation and the British High Commission on Friday hosted youth activists on climate and environment to celebrate the World Biodiversity Day.

The event which was held at Karura forest was aimed at finding a solution to the climate issue and educating them on the role of environment in climate change.

The Youth Cafe event funded by the British High Commission and the Wangai Mathai Foundation is one of the ways the UK Government is using to help Kenya fight climate issues.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News, UK Deputy High Commissioner to Kenya says that they are working closely with the youths to ensure that the world is a better place.

“We are working closely with youth activists and youth experts because they are the ones who inherit the world and we need to act now so that they have a better place. We are getting ideas and innovations from them that will help in the COP26 event and we are supporting their activities where we can,” said Court.

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He also added that the youth representatives from Kenya will be available for the event that will happen at the end of the year.

“The main event will happen in late November in the UK and youth representatives especially the two youth champions in Kenya that will be part of the process,” added the commissioner.

The youths have thanked the British High Commission and the Wangari Mathai Foundation for holding the Youth Cafe since it has given them an opportunity to interact and learn a lot during the talk.

“We were inspired to ensure that we are not working in isolation and that we are coming together to have combined forces in addressing the climate crisis. There has been a challenge of having more representation of African voices,” said Amaya Ogola of Society for International Development Program.

“Youths are going to work as a block to tackle the issue of climate change. It has been a global challenge and we need the youths to work together to make sure a solution is got,” said Kioko Benard, Founder Green Economy Foundation of Kenya.

“What the UK is doing is good but they need to incorporate more people’s voices, mostly local. It should not be only leaders,” Njuguna Eric of Freddy’s for Future stated.

“In long time youths have not been included in matters policy and decision making, this one has given us a platform to give our decision and help share how Cop26 will be by giving our problems and solution,” said Kombo Patriciq Founder patty initiatives.