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  • Magix Enga is appealing for financial aid after going broke.
  • He has a 1 month old baby to take care of amid his financial woes.
  • He has not been earning royalties from some of the biggest songs he produced from Dundaing, Digi digi and Mamiondoko among others.

Renowned music producer Magix Enga is appealing for help after going broke.

According to the once high flying beat maker, he has not been earning royalties from some of the hits he produced.

Enga claims that artistes took advantage of him leaving him penniless.

Some of the hits he alleges producing and earning nothing include Dundaing which he did with King Kaka, Otile Brown’s ‘Watoto na Pombe, Mapenzi Hisia, Arrow Bwoy’s Digidigi and Mamiondoko.

“Some of the artist that I did collabo with them took advantage of me. Most of the songs that I produced I.e (Dundaing, Watoto na pombe Otile Brown ft Enga and Mapenzi Hisia and many others which am not benefitting from them” he stated.

Magix Enga with his 1 month old son PHOTO Courtesy


One Month Old Baby Needing Attention

Magix Enga further revealed being a father to a 1 month old son needing his attention.

He added that the studio he was working from got shut down.

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This was due to rent arrears which had accumulated overtime.

“Right now am writing this I have a 1 month old baby boy whom is depending on me. I tried to pull myself together but the studio I was working It was shut down because of rent issues”

Currently Jobless

Magix went ahead and disclosed that he’s currently jobless despite having a firm belief that he’s one of Kenya’s best producer’s.

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Enga further pleaded with the head of state, President Ruto to come to his aid.

“Currently I don’t have a job. Our president DR. William Samoei Ruto I can urge you to please help me in whatever support you can” he summed up partly.

Magix Enga is not new to controversies, a while back he raised a storm over having ties with the secret society, Illuminati.

His video in Kilifi town looking unkempt further sent shivers that the once bubbly figure was falling into abyss.

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