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Broke slay kings of Instagram

Broke slay kings of Instagram

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Much has been said about slay queens, any moment you log into any social media page you get to see all sort of jokes about slay queens, funny  memes of how slay queens can’t even boil rice,  lets take a  breather and talk about slay Kings, yes they do exist.

You see, there is this slot of Young men who compete with women on Instagram,they will post more that ten photos in a day showcasing their new wardrobe,new set of shoes ,normally they will even take pictures of their new acquired  Calvin Klein  boxers  and post  on Instagram .

These boys have no cash, generally they are broke Ninjas but will always put on classy clothes which in most cases are bought by some older women,hence most of them are ‘’Ben Tens’’

They make  sure they make an appearance in any event and take pictures with  the who’s and who’s to create a notion that they rub shoulders with people in high places but basically they are not known they just create false illusion online.

You can never talk about  boys  and not mention ,cars they are inseparable.The slay Kings will be cruising around Town with their ‘’Sugar mammies’’  rides, God forbid hell breaks  loose coz they will be forced to walk from Karen to Buruburu .

Lets talk six pack,they will generally post pictures in the gym  but normally months later their six pack is on the > Still Loading>> Stage ,but boy-child anajikaza. Looking Good is their priority .

Can’t leave without mentioning that  everyday  they will be live on instagram,facebook,  showcasing the different venues the ‘’mamas ‘’have taken them.


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