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Brown Mauzo reveals why he was rushed to hospital in an Ambulance


By Annette Amondi

Singer Brown Mauzo’s video went viral as it emerged that he had been rushed to the hospital in an Ambulance.

The online world speculated that the singer may have tried to take his own life afterhis girlfriend left him for an older guy.

The singer has now spoken up saying he only went to the hospital after his body gave in.

The singer also narrated how he was stressed after his long term girlfriend left him without reason.

“I loved my girl but it got to a point she started changing. She was acting funny before finally demanding for a break up and she did not tell me why,” he said

The singer said he locked himself up for days as he grieved the break up and did not even eat anything.

“It hurt me a lot because I had just released my new song and was about to start marketing it, anadai his body just got weak juu alijifungia in the house for days without eating” he added