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Budaa Sam Ongeri wows internet with prowess in sheng’ (VIDEO)


Kisii Senator Sam Ongeri has irked the internet with his International Youth Day video message recorded in sheng.

In the video, Ongeri wishes the youth a happy International Youth Day saying he is proud to be a supporter of the youth’s progressive agenda.

In the message Ongeri drops sheng lines like; mko rada and Tension baina ya maboys na mabudaa.

“Niaje mavijanaa, mko rada? Huyu ni seneta mzee wa kazi professor Sam Ongeri, leo ni siku yenu ya kucelebrate international youth day… Nimekuwa, bado niko na nyinyi kama viongozi wa leo na wa kesho, kuwmekuwa na tesnion baina ya maboys na mabudaa… tuko wote kwa ustawi na maendeleo. Happy international Youth Day,” said Ongeri.

Ongeri’s message has elicited mixed reaction from netizens with some praising his effort and sheng prowess while some are basically castigating him for using sheng to lure the youths to vote for him.


Here are some of the reactions;

“Bado mzae hatatushow zile action plans anaimplement kutusupport kama youth! While the video is great, it could have easily been done by anyone as there’s no tangible evidence of what he’s done via his office and personal capacity to support the youth,” wrote Tabby Mwangi onTwitter.

“This is amazing!!! Whoever came up with this wow wow wow,” wrote Shi Kang’ethe.

“Aki hawa wazee wanacheka mayouths after realizing they have been able to lay a system that fools the youth. That he is a professor…so insulting,” wrote @Mwaurah.

“2022 iko karibu. Mzae antafuta support ya mayouths,” said John Ndegwa.