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Buju Banton blasts Phone addicts ahead of New Year’s Eve concert in Kenya


Jamaican Reggae sensation Mark Anthony Myrie popularly known as Buju Banton will be setting foot in Africa for the first time this year to grace what will arguably be the biggest New Year’s eve concert in the country.

The reggae sensation will be performing at the NRGwave concert on the 31st of December at the Kenyan coast.

However ahead of his concert in Kenya, the reggae crooner has proved that he is not impressed with the level at which human beings have become glued to their phones.

During his performance on the Welcome To Jamrock Reggae Cruise 2019 last week, Buju did not mince his words as he called out those who were too glued to their phones to enjoy the moment.

Buju also revealed that he was surprised that the highest number of people who stop him for selfies are men and not women.

“Nowadays everyweh mi go inna Jamaica, a suh everybaddy stay,  (Holding out his hand to mimick someone holding their phone) Woman and all man; right now di man dem more dan di ooman dem. Di amount a man weh stap me fi picture more dan di ooman dem! Fi real. It frighten mi sometime caw mi a wanda a wha a gwaan. But anyway, bus da one yah fi mi nuh,” he said

He also went on to call out Jamaicans saying that many people cannot even help when someone needs the help because they would rather record.

“Once upon a time inna Jamaica, if yuh pass a car accident, yuh jump outta yuh car an yuh first instinct is fi try help who inside. Now these new Jamaicans’ instinct is fi draw fi dem phone, a seh: ‘look how gar eye a drap out’. What a b*mboclaat wi come to!” he added

The singer then went on to delve into his jam dubbed ‘Trust’ which he was launching.

Buju walked to freedom in 2018 after spending nine years in prison in drug related charges.

Following his release, the singer went on to host his first concert in March dubbed ‘Long walk to freedom’ in Kingston Jamaica.

Hosted at Jamaica National Stadium, the concert saw some big names like Wayne Marshall, Ghost, LUST, Buju’s son Jahazeil Myrie and Cocoa Tea whose performance was greatly enhanced by an impromptu cameo from rising star, Koffee give an electric performance.

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