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Bunge La Wananchi Calls On The President, Raila  Not To Save Waiguru


Bunge la Wananchi a lobby group  now wants president Uhuru  Kenyatta not to defend the embattled Kirinyaga County governor  Ann Waiguru  and to ensure the senate handles her case the same way it handled  former Kiambu governor Ferdinand  Waititu’s.

Addressing the media, Bunge la Wananchi Chairman JohnMark  Ababu  says  Waiguru   does not deserve any political support  and the law should be followed to the later  so that the country does not subject itself to double standards in the fight against corruption.

‘‘Mr President please we want you to stay away and let the Senate  handle this issue the same way  they did with Kiambu. Waiguru should go home very early .The people of Kirinyaga have spoken and we shall not allow double play in the fight against corrupt officers.’’ Ababu says.

He further sent the same message to ODM  Party leader Raila Odinga who  is being accused of meeting Waiguru in a plot to save her from the senate ouster.

‘‘We don’t want BBI politics in this matter let the Senate expedite it independently. This is not the first time Waiguru is facing   corruption charges therefore the senate should send her home.’’ He added.

The senate will on Tuesday give out  names  of the 11  members who will probe Waiguru’s impeachment before reporting back to the house.