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Bungoma woman abused by nursesto be paid Ksh. 2.5 Million


The High Court in Bungoma has ordered the Bungoma county government to pay to a woman, who was beaten and insulted in its hospital, Sh2.5 million.

The High Court ordered the devolved unit to pay Josephine Majani the damages following her mistreatment at Bungoma County Referral Hospital.

Majani hit the headlines when her video of mistreatment that by the hospital’s nurses saw her deliver on the hospital’s floor.

High Court judge Abida Ali Aroni said the nurses violated the rights and dignity of the patient.

Majani had moved to court through the support of Centre for Reproductive Rights after she was physically and verbally abused by hospital staff and deliberately left to deliver on the floor.

Josephine Majani’s treatment at the hands of Bungoma County Hospital staff received widespread media coverage in 2013, largely because of the evidence of the abuse caught on camera by another patient.

In August 2013, Majani was admitted to the hospital for an induced labour and was forced to buy the medicine necessary to induce her labour.